JoroVerde - 100% compostable fixation for agriculture

Tomatohooks with JoroTwine

support the vertical growing plant.The twine is wrapped around the tomato-hook and can be adjusted regarding the growth of the plants. By supporting the growth, the twine carries the weight of the heavy fruits and ultimately optimises the harvest yield.

The twine on the hooks JoroTwine is essential due to the ever-growing importance of using natural products. It is biodegradable and compostable, which means that the twine does not need to be separated from the plant after harvesting. JoroTwine can be chopped up and disposed of together with the plant.

Easy usage

Tomatohooks are made of metal and have to be hooked into a fixation above the plants; the twine is wrapped around the hook and can be adjusted on the growth of the plants.


Video for the usage of JoroTwine in tomato cultivation