Biodegradable twine for agriculture by JoroVerde

The twine of JoroVerde serves as a climbing aid, for growing fruits, vegetables and other plants which grow vertical. By supporting the growth, the twine carries the weight of the heavy fruits and ultimately optimises the harvest yield. In the cultivation of tomatoes the Tomato-Hooks by JoroVerde are used successfully.

JoroTwine is essential in agriculture, due to the ever-growing importance of using natural products. It is biodegradable and compostable, which means that the twine does not need to be separated from the plant after harvesting. JoroTwine can be chopped up and disposed of together with the plant-remains – easy and environmentally friendly.

100% compostable

The Belgian certification company TÜV AUSTRIA BELGIUM NV confirms the biodegradability of JoroTwine. Therefore it is compostable for households as well as for industrial companies. The twine consists 100% of cellulose fiber, so it can be used in organic cultivation and gardening. 


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Product characteristic of JoroTwine

– high rigidity despite thin dimension
– carries up to 80 kg per string
– 100% compostable
– 100% biodegradable
– fibre verified safe for food

JoroTwine is appropriate for

– tomatoes
– aubergines
– peppers
– cucumbers
… und many many more!

The biodegradable JoroTwine can also be used in floriculture and horticulture.

Your personal JoroTwine

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